Professional design

We offer services of drawing up complete project documentation for commercial, industrial, and residential facilities.

Each project is entrusted to a team of engineers who work together to meet the requirements of each client. In addition to being skilled in design, our engineers are also experienced in the execution of works, and are well acquainted with the actual market values of works and materials, which enables them to steer the project towards technologies which can actually be applied in executing works, and primarily towards identifying the most rational solutions.

We keep up with the latest technologies in construction materials, machinery and equipment, which guarantees that our solutions are up-to-date, but above all, safe.

We insist on detailed preparation of project documentation, which enables precise budget calculation, but primarily ensures the necessary requirements for efficient execution of quality works.

In addition to services of preparing project documentation, we offer representation of clients in administrative proceedings, meaning that we obtain the necessary permits for initiating construction on behalf of our clients, all via the Central Register of Integrated Procedures (CEOP) (location requirements, construction permit, approval of the relevant authorities related to the construction design, etc.)

Depending on the location, type, and purpose of the facility, different procedures for preparing project documentation and obtaining permits have been defined under statutory regulations; however, common stages include the following:

  • Familiarization with the client’s wishes and requirements, obtaining the essential data related to the lot planned for construction of the desired facility, creating variant designs (typically with 3D renderings of the structure), and defining the terms of reference.
  • Creating the conceptual design and obtaining location requirements.
  • Creating the construction permit design (CPD) and obtaining the construction permit.
  • Creating the construction design (CD) and obtaining the approval of the representatives of the Ministry of Interior on the CD.

After obtaining the construction permits, we carry out further procedures on behalf of our clients (reporting commencement of works to the relevant authority which issued the construction permit, reporting commencement of works to the labor inspection, enforcing procedures for connecting the facility to the appropriate infrastructure, etc.)